Project info

  • Freight vehicles and service
  • 2014

  • Uysozlar Street, 23A

  • Alustyle Factory

  • 10:00 - 22:00

  • +998 71 280 40 70

About project:

The serviceability and functionality of trucks is always a priority. High-quality timely repairs and correct spare parts are the main component of the care of trucks. It is convenient if you are served on the basis of long-term cooperation in one service center: the master always remembers the features of your truck.

LLC “TEXNIK DIZEL SERVIS” is a guarantee of the quality of services rendered, long-term experience, and individual approach. The company has been engaged in the repair of cargo vehicles since the beginning of 2011.

Another important advantage of the LLC “TEXNIK DIZEL SERVIS” is a flexible system of discounts.

Repairs of any complexity:

LLC “TEXNIK DIZEL SERVIS” provides repairs of any complexity and prompt response to all requests. The company guarantees reliable operation of all repaired and replaced components and units. Repairs are carried out using specialized hardware and software.

Equipment used:
  • SherpaAutodiagnostika (Germany)
  • FuchsHudraulik (Germany)
  • Hazet (Germany)
  • Werther (Italy)
  • OMA (Italy)

Spare parts

In addition, one of the activities of the LLC “TEXNIK DIZEL SERVIS” is the supply of spare parts for trucks of various brands. We strive to fully solve the problems of spare parts supply and create favorable conditions for all customers. Our principle of working with customers is a wide range of quality products, provided in the shortest possible time.

  • Address: Yashnobod district, Uysozlar Street, 23A, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
  • Phone: +998 71 280 40 70

«TEXNIK DIZEL SERVIS» – taking care of people and transport.