Project info

  • Freight vehicles and service
  • September, 2019

  • Zangiota Dt, CFI

  • 9:00 - 18:00

  • +99899 008-09-90


About project

Special-purpose machinery from leading manufacturers is quality proven over the years. However, is it always possible to maintain and repair imported equipment? After all, the available competent service is the key to uninterrupted successful work.

“ORIENT MOTORS DISTRIBUTION” is a reliable company that will allow you to focus on more important business tasks without hindrance.


“ORIENT MOTORS DISTRIBUTION” is the official dealer of such well-known world brands as SONY, SINOTRUK and MAZ. The company supplies cargo, construction, special and quarry equipment to the Republic of Uzbekistan.

 “ORIENT MOTORS DISTRIBUTION” also provides warranty and services. Service center “ORIENT MOTORS DISTRIBUTION” has its own store with a wide range of spare parts, consumables and other parts that may be needed during the operation of equipment.

“ORIENT MOTORS DISTRIBUTION” – special-purpose machinery for successful business.