Project info

About the project:

“AVTOritet Kadysheva” is one of the newest of our complexes, the total area of which is 3100 square meters and provides a wide range of car repair and maintenance services. The car complex is designed for simultaneous servicing to 35 vehicles on 20 list and 15 stalls (wheel alignment, electrical devices, oil change, diagnostics). In addition, there is a detailing studio in the complex.


“AVTOritet Kadysheva” provides with following services:

  • Service center for the provision of services to any type of passenger cars
  • Auto parts supermarket with a wide range of parts, oils, car care products etc.
  • Lounge - a zone for comfortable waiting
  • Avtocoffee Cafe with a wide choice of hot and cold drinks

Car wash:

Modern and high-quality car washes provide services in the automobile complex.
The automobile complex has modern and high-quality car washes. Portal car wash contributes to the gentle care of your car. Also, hand wash and other types of processing are possible, provided as additional services.


Supermarket of AVTOritet Kadysheva has a wide range of spare parts, oils, accessories and other parts for cars from world manufacturers. When purchasing spare parts for a car, you can use the services of service center for their installation.
And also supermarket of AVTOritet Kadisheva offers a wide range of body parts and body assemblies at competitive prices with delivery within Yashnabad district for free!

Lounge zone:

Comfortable Lounge zone will allow you to spend time with pleasure while waiting for the completion of the renovation. Avtocoffee will warm you up on cool days with hot aromatic coffee and help you refresh yourself with cool cocktails in the summer heat.


The choice of parts and accessories is simple and become pleasure due to the professionalism of our experienced sales consultants. Our employees regularly undergo advanced training and can easily help you in any difficult situation.


Competitive pricing policy is optimally correlated with the high quality of the services provided and the goods offered. By making a choice in favor of our stores, you will start a long-term relationship and your comfort. Our loyalty system will pleasantly surprise you with bonuses, seasonal and holiday discounts and other surprises.

Every day at the AVTOritet, we think about making something new for a greater comfort of our customers. We want the life of car owners to be happy and carefree. Thank you for being with us!