Project info

  • Passenger vehicles and service
  • 8 Sep, 2018

  • Nurafshon Street, 7

  • "Eski Shahar" Mall

  • 09:00 - 21:00

  • +998 99 346 09 90
    +998 99 874 09 90

About the project:

The “AVTOritet Chigatay” is the project combined with “Eski Shahar” shopping center which soaks up a range of services necessary for the consumer. It allows making purchases not only for vehicles but also for homes. When leaving your car for the repair you may wait for it in many brand stores of the shopping center. Also, you may make a light meal at the catering facility, have fun with the kids in the kids’ zone, or spend time shopping for food products.


The “Avtoritet Chigatay” offers you the following services:

  • Service center designed to provide services for any type of passenger transport
  • Supermarket of auto spare parts with a wide range of parts, oils, car care products, etc.
  • Territory for a comfortable stay of the driver and his passengers for the period of providing services for the maintenance and repair of the vehicle


The supermarket of the “AVTOritet Chigatay” auto complex to the same extent provides a wide range of car spare parts, oils, accessories, and other parts for cars from world manufacturers. A peculiarity is a wide range of car tires from different manufacturers. Also, this complex allocates some places for bicycles and motorcycles for people of different ages.

Repair area:

The repair area has been built according to a special project in reliance upon the best car services in Europe: sound insulation, no spread of foreign odors, cleanliness of the premise, and many other nuances.


The selection of parts and accessories is simple and turns fun thanks to the professionalism of experienced sales consultants. Our employees regularly participate in professional development courses and can easily help you in any tight situation.

The “AVTOritet Chigatay” has become another step towards making the range of services for automobilists more affordable and convenient.