Project info

  • Passenger vehicles and service
  • Labzak street, 12/1

  • Rahmat Fayzi street, 8

  • Turkiston street, 12A

  • Buyuk Ipak Yuli street, 299

  • Turkistan street, 7

About project:

Cleanliness of the car is a sign of a careful car owner. The shining hood lifts the mood, and it’s nice to go to a good day in a clean car. In addition, the state of the car is also a matter of prestige, a kind of business card. However, there is not always time and opportunity to take care of the car yourself. Modern AVTOritet CarWash will take care of this for yourself!

The capacity of AVTOritet CarWash is 8 cars at a time. The car wash is non-contact , the surface of your car will be absolutely safe! Please note that each washer has its own assigned place. This is convenient and speeds up the process at times. AVTOritet CarWash uses high -quality premium detergents. Most importantly, before the car is handed over to the owner, the car is checked for cleanliness after washing. Perfect? Return to the owner! 

Waiting area

The wash itself takes only 40 minutes. They will pass unnoticed for you thanks to vending machines, coffee and free Wi-fi in a special waiting area on the territory of AVTOritet CarWash.                              By contacting AVTOritet CarWash, you get the best service, the best prices and the best results!