Project info

Network of CarWash:

AVTOritet CarWаsh – is a unique network of car wash located in the territory of Tashkent, carrying out washing cars and providing related services (cleaning passenger compartment, polishing, removal of bitumen stains, engine washing etc.).

AVTOritet CarWаsh is included in the network of AVTOritet  complexes, that allows the owner of car to obtain full range of car care services in convenient locations.

Touchless car wash of AVTOritet CarWash:

Removal of dirt is carried out using special strong detergents (active foam or touchless shampoo) and powerful jet of water under high pressure. The main thing is that during touchless wash, only jets of water and a cleaning solution touch the car. Touchless wash is the safest and most gentle one for the body coat.

Portal car wash (portal) AVTOritet CarWash:

It is an automatic, arch-like installation that moves along the vehicle while it stands and removes dirt from it.

Our addresses (Yandex Maps):

There are  5 branches of AVTOritet CarWash network in the city:

AVTOritet CarWash – perfect auto-cleanliness!