Grand opening ceremony of A-lady - the first automotive complex exclusively for women will held on 1st April.

A rapid increase of women driving, inspired the AVTOritet team to create a unique place where the full range of services will be presented, not only for the car, but also for its owner.

The auto complex includes not only car maintenance, but also all the services of a premium beauty salon, a playground for children, as well as a cozy cafe with delicious cuisine.

A-SERVIS – a car reception point. The mechanics of the auto complex are ready to perform any complexity maintenance and repair of the car. In addition, at the territory of the complex there is a contactless automated car wash from a Spanish manufacturer, which will efficiently and carefully wash away all dirt from the surface of your car.

A-BEAUTY – is a space where you can completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere of care and beauty. Experienced professionals offer a wide range of the following services:

  • Services related to skin health, facial aesthetics;
  • Correction of eyebrow and eyelash;
  • Therapeutic and relaxation massage;
  • Aromatherapy & Complementary Therapies;  
  • Full set of nails service;
  • Hair care procedures – haircut, coloring, styling.

For the most demanding visitors to the car complex, there are VIP rooms for complete privacy and relaxation on the territory, which will help to save time by having multiple services at the same moment.

A-BABY – is a spacious playground, a place to delight your children. Specially trained staff will be able to keep and entertain your children while the beauty masters take care of you. Near the complex, there is a barbershop, where barbers will help to create unique hairstyle for boys.

A-CAFE is a cozy place for a sincere meeting with friends or family. The calm atmosphere allows you to fully enjoy the delicious cuisine. The chef renews the menu seasonally, what will allow to gourmets to taste the foods included in the collection of masterpieces of world cuisine. A cup of aromatic coffee is another easy way to experience the joys of life and enjoy the moment. In order for the pastime in the complex to be calm, all visitors have the opportunity to observe the progress of the repair of their car and the play of their children using a video surveillance system.

А-LADY – territory of women combining the power of harmony and beauty!

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