History of the company

Success begins with an idea. The wheel is a cycle, an endless repetition. However, four different wheels controlled by the motor can move in the same direction.

A few years ago, we noticed that car service in Uzbekistan is far from perfect. In particular, it was inconvenient for the population that all service points associated with the same car were located in different points of the city. So, we thought, why not combine everything related to motor transport and logistics into a single system that is convenient for consumers? If initially it was planned to conduct an in-depth analysis of the situation with subsequent elimination of shortcomings, then in the end it was decided to develop a universal complex consisting of many firms-gears of one effective mechanism. So, there was a group of companies “Avtoritet Group”.


The beginning

 In 2014, the unprofitable MAN auto repair service was purchased, which reached a new level in a short time.

The company’s largest contractors are such giants of the domestic economy as GM, AGMK, UTY, etc.


Initial success

In 2015, recognizing the high standards of work, as well as sales volumes, the company receives the award of the best dealer in Uzbekistan from MAN Truck&Bus AG.


New directions

In 2016, it was a special year for us. We came up with the idea of 4 new directions of the company’s work-dealer-distributor, logistics, retail and HoReCa.

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Launching the projects

In January 2018, the official launch ceremony of the logistics complex and service center projects was held.

In August, the first multifunctional passenger car service center was launched under its own AVTOritet brand.


Creation of Avtoritet Group

In 2019, it was the year when the construction of the first ultra-modern class a warehouse complex in Uzbekistan with an area of 10,000 sq. m. was completed and new projects were opened in the field of car sales and special-purpose machinery – Orient Motors. In the same year, we created a management company – Avtoritet Group, with the goal of deeper development of all areas.