The chain of multi-brand car complexes AVTOritet has launched its fifth branch and plans to open its own tow truck service and online store.

How does the path to success begin? Like any road — from the first step, with the realization that work will improve people’s lives, make it more convenient and comfortable. This is what prompted the team to create AVTOritet. The company immediately began to study the issue and began to adopt any positive experience, studied the business from the inside, and looked for optimal solutions to bring the automobile business of Uzbekistan out of the state of hibernation in which it had been for many years.

After a while, the AVTOritet team came to understand the fact that life is movement, even in a dream, when the body is rapidly changing at the cellular level. Life is short, so you should choose the right movement – towards success and with minimal time spent. In this matter, a good helper is the car. The modern world is impossible to imagine without this universal means of transportation.

AVTOritet is:

  • the first network of car complexes with a full range of services, which has no analogues in Uzbekistan. These are modern service centers that are built and equipped according to all European standards;
  • a huge range of spare parts: more than 45 thousand items, own warehouses for the organization of uninterrupted deliveries and reliable suppliers in dozens of countries;
  • all types of services, from diagnostics to complex body repairs;
  • proper registration and storage of all repair histories of each car. You can read them at any time, which is an important auxiliary factor in subsequent diagnostics;
  • a transparent payment system with the provision of receipts and invoices for any product or service, the use of a modern store automation system, a loyalty program, flexible pricing policy, seasonal discounts;
  • providing a three-month warranty for any car repair service;
  • use of special software for complete control over deliveries, shipments and trade in General.

Thanks to constant work on improving the network of AVTOritet car complexes, the team managed to turn it not just into an organization, but into a small comfortable car world for customers.

The company tries not to stop there. AVTOritet opens the fifth branch of the automobile complex in Mirzo-Ulugbek district. In 2020, the chain plans to open a number of new facilities in the capital and beyond. In addition, it is planned to launch its own tow truck service, which will save customers from the problems of finding a tow truck in case of unpleasant situations on the road. The development of AVTOritet will continue not only in the offline sphere, but also move to the digital space through the launch of an online spare parts store.

Address of branch no. 5: 299 Buyuk Ipak Yuli street
Landmark: in the heart of Lunacharsky, the former “Lada-Service”
Phone branch:

Instagram: @avtoritet.uzbekistan

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