The second year is considered to be one of the most significant in many aspects of life. Being two years old, a child starts to obtain the first life experience, walks by himself, learns and uses new words. The second academic year at the institute is the year when it is started to teach special subjects for which you have entered this institute. The second year of marriage makes it more stable and more emotional. The same is in business, where the second year of performance is frequently decisive for further development.

The goals of the first year of the performance are most often the recruitment of customers and work on brand awareness. According to the results of the first year, the network of multi-brand auto complexes AVTOritet has achieved all the key indicators that were set at the start, and in its second year it has been actively working on expanding and developing the network.

During the second year of performance, two new branches have been opened – a spare parts store in Namangan and a full-fledged service center located in Buyuk Ipak Yuli street. The second year of performance enabled us to strengthen our position in the market, to adjust mistakes and continue to improve. During this period, AVTOritet has become the exclusive distributor of the Taiwanese tool manufacturer – Toptul and soon the products of this brand will appear on the shelves of the chain. Moreover, there has been reached a strategic agreement to deepen cooperation between AVTOritet and UzAuto Motors in the area of supplying stores and service centers with original GM Genuine spare parts.

Entering into a partnership agreement with Lada Uzbekistan and the start of our cooperation in the sale of original spare parts have become a particular gift for our. Now you can purchase original spare parts for Lada cars in the AVTOritet chain of stores.

When celebrating our second birthday in the company with our customers, we would like to make a gift ourselves instead of receiving gifts. Opening of our new branch AVTOritet North Railway Station has turned out to be such a gift. This branch has become the fifth in Tashkent. As with all previous branches, the key idea has been the location of the branch. Having studied and researched the traffic for a long time, the management of the company has chosen a location along the Small Circle Road, in relative closeness to the city center and convenient transport interchange.

The new auto complex will welcome its visitors with a 1700 sq.m. workshop equipped with the most advanced equipment and tools, as well as a spare parts store with an area of 677 sq.m., where will be presented over 5 000 product items. In addition, we could not leave such a large auto car complex without a modern high-quality car wash. AVTOritet CarWash uses premium quality detergents. Washing is contactless and the surface of your car will be absolutely safe!

However, a birthday is just one day in the life of the company, and AVTOritet does not quit developing. After opening a new branch, we will come back to construction and design of new facilities to bring our network even closer to you, your car and your home.

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