Why invest in Uzbekistan

Why invest in Uzbekistan and in particular in the automotive sector? Just because it’s profitable! Net profit or dividends combined with a sense of satisfaction from success is a good reason to invest in the development of logistics and transport communications in Uzbekistan. The Republic of Uzbekistan is a young developing country. Progressive innovations fall on fertile ground here. In particular, the demand for sales and production of cars is growing rapidly. This is directly related to the development of education, tourism, entrepreneurship and small business, where the time factor in conditions of long distances is one of the decisive factors.

Why is it most profitable to invest in motor transport in Uzbekistan? The geographical feature of this country, as well as its neighboring states, is the lack of access to the sea. Therefore, most of the logistics is carried out by road, since rail transport is not available everywhere. Demand for logistics, warehouses and related services is high and will only grow over time, which opens up wide business opportunities.

Investing in a highly competitive environment could make potential investors think, but in Uzbekistan, cars and everything related to them are a clean slate and a wide field for successful activity. So, the first person to invest in this industry will win. In addition, you should take into account such factors as benefits and preferences for foreign investors.

Wide field for successful activity

Location in the heart of Central Asia

The largest labor force in the region

A thriving market and stable growth

High income


Your reliable

A striking example of success in the automotive industry is the group of companies Avtoritet Group – innovations in the organization of activities of various transport companies in the field of production, delivery, sale of cars and spare parts, as well as logistics. Thanks to in-depth study of the industry, non-standard solutions and continuous development, the Avtoritet Group has come a long way in the shortest possible time, and now can rightly be considered a leader in its field.

If you are looking for a reliable partner to invest in the automotive industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan, then Avtoritet Group will be the best choice for you and guarantee a high return on your investment.