Cars have always been an integral part of my life ...

And they followed me from my birth. My entire career is in one way or another related with cars, I have repaired, serviced and sold them.

At a certain stage in my life, I decided to make my lifelong dream come true – to create a truly large company, which will be proud not only for me and my family, but also for my country. Thus, step by step, the AVTOritet Group was founded. I myself as a client of many stores, food, furniture, clothing, and when I come there, first of all, I look at how their business works, what I can get for myself, for my company. I look for inspiration in work every day, and look for work in inspiration. I hope you can find all the information you are interested in on this site and, if necessary, contact our specialists.


Anvar Turdaliev

Founder and director
LLC "AVTOritet Group"

AVTOritet Group

Our benefits

  • Highly qualified employees. Regular training in order to improve the skills of personnel taking into account the latest trends in the automotive industry.
  •  A wide range of cars, wide possibilities in terms of choice in such categories as technical characteristics, compliance with the purpose, price, design, etc.
  •  A large range of spare parts, oils and care products for any type of vehicle.
  • High service level.
  • Mobility and flexibility of the company’s development policy.



of leadership in the automotive industry in Uzbekistan

Our activity

AVTOritet Group operates in the following areas:
• cars sale
• warranty and service of vehicles
• trucking industry
• supply of spare parts

Our partners

"AVTOritet Group" works only with the most trusted companies that have a desire to constantly work on themselves for even greater consumer comfort.